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Opening Aerial Sports Safely

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Aerial Sports Pole Dance studio will be opening 25th July. Here, we share with you the safety measures we have in place. These social distancing, cleaning & hygiene steps taken will reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

We have performed a risk assessment and made changes where necessary to make the Aerial Sports studio as safe as possible. We will continue to monitor during opening of the studio to see how we can make the studio even safer. We have invested in clear signage.

There is also a small frequently asked questions section below to answer the most common queries.

Covid-19 Aerial Sports Risk Assessment
Download P • 930KB


  • Poles are approximately 2 metres apart, so you will be able to maintain a distance of 1 metre plus.

  • We have reduced the capacity of the studio. Class sizes will be limited to 5 students. One pole will be reserved for the instructor, while 5 students will each have their own pole. We already operate an online booking only system, to allow us to monitor the numbers at the studio.

  • The instructor CANNOT spot as they would usually do, due to social distancing, so please only do pole dance tricks that you can confidently perform. The instructor will only step in if there is an immediate risk to injury. Floor mats are provided for each pole to prevent injury.


  • We have a hand wash station with the studio. Disposable paper towels are also provided for drying your hands. We do not provide hand sanitiser as it contains glycerol which has a lubricant effect between the hands and the pole. You are more than welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser.

  • Cleaning basket kits are provided to each student for their class. Cleaning kit contains: alcohol spray bottle for cleaning pole, microfiber cloth for cleaning pole and a hand towel for sweat - there is also room for a drink and your phone. After the class, simply throw the towels in our laundry bin.

  • There is a dedicated area for placing your personal belongings, which is cleaned with alcohol disinfectant between each class. 

  • Double cleaning each pole will be performed between classes. At the end of each class, you will be asked to wipe down the pole with your provided cleaning materials. The instructor will then clean the pole and the surrounding floor ready for the next class.

  • We have a contactless payments system for purchases on site to reduce touch points.

  • Fans will not be switched on and faced directly at students during the summer to reduce the risk of airborne transfer of viral particulates. 

  • Our seating in the waiting area will NOT be available for use in order to reduce touch points.

  • We will have allocated dedicated cleaning time between each class to allow the poles, floor and storage area to be disinfected.



Your address and contact details within GoTeamUp will be used to support NHS Test and Trace. This allows us to collect your name, phone number, date and times of entry and exit.


Do I need to wear a face mask/covering? - No.

You are NOT required to wear a mask, but you can wear one if you prefer. Same goes for other personal protective equipment.

Can I get changed at the studio? - Only if absolutely necessary.

Please arrive already in your pole wear. We do have a changing area, but we want to minimise its use. Tip: wear a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms or a onesie over your pole clothes.

Who Will Take My Picture? - The instructor, on their device.

Please do not pass your phone to others to take pictures. We know that picturing your achievements is one of the best parts of pole. However, all the good work from social distancing can easily be undone by passing things between people. 

Where Do I Wait? - Ideally, outside until the class starts.

We want to reduce the number of people within the studio to make it as safe as possible. So ideally, you will wait in your car until immediately before the start of the class (waiting for the members of the previous class to leave). If for example you are dropped off at the studio for a class and it is raining, you can come in and stand in the waiting area.

Can I Attend If I Am Displaying Symptoms of Covid-19? No! Absolutely Not!

Do NOT attend if you or anyone you live with has coronavirus symptoms. Attending Aerial Sports if you are unwell can jeopardise the health of others. Please refer to the UK government guidelines on self-isolation.

Any other questions? - Please let us know and we will add them here!


We will be following the UK government guidelines for fitness and dance studios based in England to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  The information within this article may become outdated as things change. This article was correct at the time of writing. To see the latest UK government advice, visit:

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